Multifamily Code

The Multifamily Inspectors are dedicated to improving the quality and standard of living for all people residing in apartments, four-plexes, manufactured homes, and hotels/motels through the education and enforcement of the City of Irving codes and ordinances.

Risk rating score information is available upon request.    Call 972-721-4829.  

Multifamily License

  • A completed, signed Multifamily License Application (PDF) is required each year along with applicable license fee. Fees are based upon unit count. (Hotels and motels are exempt from license fee.)
  • A valid license is required for all Multifamily Dwelling Communities, Manufactured Home / RV Communities, and Hotels / Motels. A License becomes invalid once past the annual expiration date.
  • Annual renewals must be completed by the license expiration date:
    • Dec. 31 - Multifamily Dwelling and Manufactured Home / RV Communities
    • March 31 - Hotels and Motels
  • License fees are due by Dec. 31 each year. A late fee of 10 percent ($25 minimum) is assessed if paid in January. An additional 5 percent ($25 minimum) in late fees are added each subsequent month.

New ownership

License fee is not required if already paid for the year by previous ownership.

Additional Resources

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