Digital Collections

  1. Brown / Parrish House Collection

    The Brown / Parrish House Collection features photographs of the house built by Irving’s first mayor, Otis Brown, in 1905. Also included are photos of the Brown family during Irving's early years.

  2. Charles and Catherine Schulze Collection

    The Charles and Catherine Schulze Collection features many images of the Rock Island Railroad survey crew, of which Irving's co-founders were members, as they traveled through the Oklahoma and Texas. The collection also includes photographs of Irving shortly after its founding in 1903.

  3. Haley / Miller Family Collection

    The Haley / Miller Family Collection features photographs of three of Irving’s earliest families, the Haley's, the Miller's, and the Duckworth's. The photos provide a glimpse of life in Irving during its early decades, 1910-1950s.

  4. Hinton Family Collection

    The Hinton Family Collection focuses on the years from 1908 to the 1940s. The primary subjects of the photos are Hinton's Twin Wells Store, the Twin Wells Lumber Company founded by Tom Ross Hinton, and Irving school class photos from the 1930s and 1940s.

  5. Irving Community Lantern

    The Irving Community Lantern Slide Collection comprises a series of photos taken by the Dallas County government as part of a county-wide study in 1925. The original images are on 3¼ inch by 4 inch glass slides. Prints were made from the glass slides, and those prints were scanned to create these images.

  6. Irving School Class Photos

    The Irving School Class Photos exhibit features a sampling of the class photos found in the Irving Archives' collections. This exhibit consists of 70 images from between the years 1912-1950.

  7. O.D. and Estelle Bates Collection

    The O.D. and Estelle Bates Collection features photographs from Irving's earliest days through the 1930s, focusing on Main Street businesses and early Irving residents.