1. Active Shooter Training

  2. Apply for a Special Events Permit

    Find the necessary paperwork to initiate the process of obtaining a special events permit.

  3. Child Safety Seat Instruction

    The Irving Police Department provides officers who are certified child passenger safety technicians to teach you how to install your child seat.

  4. Citizens Online Police Reporting

    Access a resource that allows you to report certain incidents / offenses online.

  5. Crime Report Mapping

    View crime data from specific locations around the city.

  6. Criminal Justice Classes

    Find out how you can take criminal justice classes facilitated by the Police Department.

  7. Domestic Violence Unit

    The Domestic Violence Unit focuses on offenses that occur inside of the home.

  8. Exchange Zone

    The exchange zone is provided as a location to conduct legal e-commerce style transactions or to conduct child custodial exchanges. Any other lawful transactions or meetings are also permitted.

  9. Irving Police Athletic League

    Look at the benefits the Irving Police Athletic league brings to area youth.

  10. Obtain Accident Reports

    Utilize a resource that allows you to obtain accident reports online by doing a database search.

  11. Report an Economic Crime

    See how you can report an economic crime to the proper authorities.

  12. Report a Traffic Complaint

    To report an ongoing traffic issue or request specific increased enforcement, please contact Lt. Remington at (972) 721-7840.

  13. Sex Offender Registry

    Visit the Texas Department of Public Safety website to view the current sex offender registry.

  14. Stalker SAM Speed Trailer

    In order to ensure a safe flow of traffic through Irving, a number of tools are used by the department to assist with deployment of officers to the areas of concern.

  15. Vacation Watch

    Find out how you can sign up to have the Police Department check on your residence while you're away on vacation.